Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Elite Dangerous Session 5

Hello again. CMDR Maya Ulniian here. Not a whole lot of interest to report. I’ve continued making trips to the Hi RES in my Viper Mk III and picking off worthwhile bounties. There have been no close calls or particularly challenging fights, mostly because I’ve been cautious with target selection. I only fight against enemy wings if they are either weak or there are plenty of police ships nearby. My small agile viper makes short work of most any ship.

I have tried several different weapon loadouts. I initially flew with 2 * small beam and 2 * medium multicannons. This was pretty effective, but didn’t seem greatly faster at killing the big ships. I’ve also tried various combinations of beam and pulse lasers, some of which cause heat and power management issues. My current laser loadout is 1 small beam, one medium beam on the left side and a small and medium pulse on the right side. The smaller class 1 weapons get the most use because they are top mounted – the class 2 gear has to wait until I pull up to get line of sight on a target.

My next move will probably be either a top of the line Diamondback Scout for a little over 7 million (ship plus insurance)

or a mid range Vulture something like
for about 8.5 mil.

Both of these are pretty fun to fly.  The Vulture is better at killing big high value ships but is a little more vulnerable than I am used to in that configuration. I’d need about 18 million for my preferred loadout.  I really should go back and try a Viper Mk IV with money no longer the limiting factor and see if I can fly it any better this time round. The Cobra Mk III is also an option, but since I’m purely a combat pilot at this stage a fighter ship is probably the better choice. 

Until next time!
CMDR Maya Ulniian, 26 April 3302

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