Monday, June 23, 2008

WoW Decrypted, another WoW blog

What a time for writers block to strike... the very start of my very first post on a new blog!
I guess its because I haven't really defined yet what I want this blog to be about. There are a great many blogs about World of Warcraft already. Finding an area not already done to death could prove a challenge.

I've been playing World of Warcraft online for over three years now and one thing I've noticed in that time is that my play style is very different to most others. I have an alt addiction, but that's not unique. I spend inordinate amounts of time chatting with my guildmates, often never leaving the town or city. That's also not unique. Lots of my time is spent exploring the lore and the places in the game but again that's not unique. What might be unique though is that I prioritise all these well above actually levelling my characters. I've been playing my highest level character for somewhat over 35 days elapsed /played and still haven't hit level 70.

Many people try to convince me to rush my guys to the max level but I have resisted so far. Very much its the journey and not the destination that keeps me playing. The world in WoW is huge and there is so much to see. Even if I stay focussed and work fairly hard on any one character, the quests in a particular zone do not completely explore the terrain. To find stuff you need to be poking around the edges, looking in every nook and cranny.

Some of the things I want to talk about:

Warcraft Lore
Newbie advice
Fun things to do
Making money in Wow


KC said...

I think that exploring and trying new characters are my two favorite things about WoW. If I hadn't been having so much fun with my main, I wouldn't be this far — my next character to 70 will be going much more slowly!

I don't think there's anything wrong with playing and enjoying the game, though. That's what it's for. *grin*

Cryptography said...

Oh yeah. I've seen many people burn through the levels in about a third of the time its taken me. They hit the level cap, go raiding for a while, then find that WoW is a second full-time job for them and quit. The game is still very much fresh and I'm still discovering new things almost daily. As another blog recently put it, there's plenty of fresh cheese here for me.

I play quite a lot, a few hours most days, but don't obsessively pursue any one thing.

KC said...

I think that might be one of the least appealing things (to me, at least) about raiding. I don't mind PUGing instances every now and again, but having a set schedule of raids every week, often for two or three hours a night at least three nights a week? That's too much like work. I'd rather just do my thing when I want to and log off when I want to.