Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Altitis - the many of me

I posted over on MW's blog wowkittycollector listing all my Alternate characters.

I have reached the game cap of 50 alts. It wont let me create any more.

My alts are as follows:

Druid : 4
Hunter : 11
Mage : 5
Paladin : 2
Priest : 5
Rogue : 4
Shaman : 3
Warlock : 13
Warrior : 3

They average just a shade under level 20.

My highest is Cryptography, an undead rogue on Dath'remar.

Next highest are a warlock, hunter and two druids, followed by a bunch of warlocks and hunters. I cant seem to get into my pallies, warriors or shammies, though mages and priests are ok.

Yes, I suck at levelling... maybe the above would explain why!


Now, that's a ridiculous amount of alts. There's no way I can give more than a few of them the attention they really need. So, why so many?

Well, I've tried to cover at least one of every class, on each of Horde and Alliance. I've also attempted to have at least one of every race and gender. I think I missed male Draenei but I have all the others.

On Dath'Remar, an oceanic PvE server where most of my time is spent, I have the allowed 10 characters, all on horde. I have a character there doing every one of the available professions. Some have specialisations in mind, so there are a few duplicates. I will have to drop some profession to cover the new runes skill coming in Wrath.

I have two other servers with loads of alts, both PvP. One has horde characters and the other a swag of alliance. Again they have the full spread of available professions.

My alt armies serve two other purposes. I have at least one alt on every oceanic server. Essentially this reserves my place there since Blizz sometimes locks the creation of new characters when a realm gets full. Of course, now that I have reached the game limit of 50 alts total this serves no real purpose. My alt army also spreads, thinly, onto each type of server. So, there are alts on each of "normal", "rp", "pvp" and "rp-pvp" servers.

As if that isn't enough alts, I also play three other MMO's and have almost maxed out the number of alts available in those games as well. That's about another thirty characters. Only a few have repeated names.

I guess the only real reason for so many alts is that I just like trying out new things. I'm not particularly interested in powering through a game to the end. Gear and loads of money aren't my thing either, though some of each helps a lot!

In later posts I intend giving some tips on managing swarms of alts for those of you with a little more focus than I!

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