Thursday, June 26, 2008

Revenge - a dish best served grey

Murlocs. The mere mention of the word is enough to bring nightmares to the most stalwart adventurer. Creepy scaly fish-men from the deeps, Murlocs are appearing on many of Azeroth's coastlines, noisily devouring the local population. The ones along the coast of Tirisfal Glades are particularly nasty.
Long before they have a chance to learn even basic combat techniques, neophyte Forsaken are pitted against the schools of fish-men. An individual murloc isnt a great threat, certainly not much more than other hostiles in the area. What makes them different is they have lots of friends, are grouped close together, and flee when badly wounded. A solo undead can soon find themself fighting against overwhelming odds. Hamstrung, dazed and dazzled by ligntning, many a young forsaken has met an early demise.

Such was the fate of several of my early characters. I HATE murlocs more than anything else in the game. I've got much better at avoiding creatures like the murlocs as I've learned the game but I still take a deal of pleasure returning and smashing swarms of them into pulp!

Almost every time I revisit Undercity, I'll take a short detour north or north west to the Tirisfal shoreline and hunt me a school of murloc! I can safely stand in the middle of a whole village full of them, ignoring their attacks, before unleashing my pet, raining down fiery destruction, or simply pulverising them one at a time with my fishing rod. Revenge Is mine MUHAHAHHAHA!

Look for "I am Murloc" on youtube.
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KC said...


There are murlocs on Azuremyst (or Bloodmyst?) too, but they are not nearly so bad. In my recent incursions into Elwynn Forest, I noticed some, but I don't remember ever fighting them. Not that I knew how to play back then.

But yeah, the murlocs I've dealt with outside of Tirisfal Glades are not so bad. Those stupid ones in Tirisfal Glades are EVIL.

Cryptography said...

There are Murlocs in Elwynn Forest, (Humans), Azuremyst Isle (Draenei), and Eversong Woods/Ghostlands (Blood Elf) starter zones at least. Each of these felt easier than the ones in T.G. I think its mostly because the quests that put you in contact with them in the undead zone is given out at level 6-ish and the Murlocs are 8-9. In the other zones, they are much closer to your level when you encounter them.

Revenge is definitely better served grey!

KC said...

Yeah, the ones in the Ghostlands were totally easier. (Although that could be because I was on a hunter and not a priest.)

But yeah, the murlocs in Tirisfal are jerks. And I'm really bad at playing a mage — at level 10, I still die every time I go there. I will see two, sheep one, get ready to take the other one, and then get swarmed by 97 of the little buggers.