Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sometimes, Karma bites

A repost of something I wrote on our guild forums, mostly to keep MW amused with her recent PvP forum drama.

So there I was, minding my own business in Tanaris. I was peacefully riding along avoiding the local wildlife when a flagged Nightelf hunter rode up beside me and started making rude gestures. I tactfully ignored him and rode on.
He followed, making ever more persistent attempts to annoy me. I stopped for a bit and looked at him. I rode around him in circles. I even lowered myself to his level and taunted him. I had him follow me for a bit, and then I circled once more and gave out one final taunt....... and then Bleedingclaw ran over the top of him, killing in 2 shots. I barely had time to get an attack in!

I was 56 Rogue. Bleedingclaw is a post-kara 70 Shamman. The poor fool nightelf was a 56 hunter.

Ok, so sure there was elements of schoolyard bullying "(I'll get my big brother to bash you up!)" and I could have taken him easily enough alone but it was just so funny to mislead him into a suicidal attack.

A lesson for all you pvpers out there: Sometimes, your victim will pull a bait and switch and you will bite off far more than you can chew. In this case, BC, Donkey and I were grouped together to do some exploring along the coast of tanaris and I had gone on ahead due to slower mount. BC was following along about 30 seconds behind. All I had to do was delay long enough for the cavalry to arrive.


KC said...

BWAHAHA. That's hilarious, especially having been on the receiving end of that before.

I spotted a same-level hunter in Zangarmarsh the other day and put Hunter's Mark on him as a "Hey, I'm here and I'm gonna get you!" warning. Then, as he was bandaging up (I'm not gonna attack someone at half health, that's just rude) someone waves at me. I turn around ... and two level 70 guildmates of the hunter are standing right behind me. And I got pwned.

And yes, that was hilarious, too. :-D

Cryptography said...

I think your story is at least as good as mine. PvP servers open these opportunities so much more often than PvE.

In my case, only the hunter was flagged... he was trying very hard to get me to attack.

I paid just enough interest in his antics that he kept following. When Bleedingclaw was showing up on my mini-map, I circled around so the hunter was facing away from the incoming cavalry. I really don't think he even saw it coming.