Saturday, July 30, 2016

A day in the life of a gamer..

my gaming life has slowed down i no longer playing wow i dont see my self going back but when crypt and i play No Sky Skies  im going to really enjoy it. its strange when you look at it gaming has really slowed down there one game a month that is really good but all the other games are really bad its like finding a gem in a pile of mud. when you think about it even AAA games are getting bad even with a lots of money ? when a indie game has more fun then AAA games why is that when everything is getting Stranger but im think wow has lost alot of people. Legion will bring back some people but from what i have seen it will bring back a few people but its mostly a reskin of older games i also heard that its has WoD Re skin like the follower system which alot of people never liked.

Well that my life as a gamer

thank you

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