Sunday, July 31, 2016

When days get slow and get boring....

i have been slowing right down im not sure if the lack of games that are poorly made or the game with huge money that still fall flat but gaming needs to get back into the golden Age when game made you cry where you fell in love with the person or you had a secret romance ( cough Tali from mass effect ) .. are game like these suppose to be ignored can we go back to games that takes 30 hours  but we love them so much we played them for 60 hours when we wanted to finish every little bit what about time  when we dream about games.. not like now were everything is same old same old we as people need to tell the gaming companies that we wish a game had this or that we as gamers need to yell post and talk how a game should be and maybe the love that we have in the games we play maybe the companies to say yes and we have a new Golden Age were we as people matter again.. but the way its going it seems that a good or great game will only come out every year instead of every month...

thanks if you made it this far

your friend


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