Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A break in the Rhythm

Good intentions were no match for a heavy dose of Real life!  No blogging and very little gaming for several days has derailed my plans for regular updates here.  Even the little Elite Dangerous I managed was almost more of a setback than advancing the cause. One of the real life interruptions came while I was out farming at the High RES again. I went AFK during a relatively quiet time and came back 20 minutes later to the rebuy screen. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I suspect my ship was either shot at by or collided with hostile ships. I had left it stationary well above the asteroid field, “safe” from danger. Clearly that was not the case.  Rebuy cost was just under 1 million and adds a third destroyed ship to my history.
Since Elite Dangerous requires a certain degree of concentration and has no easy pause button, I’ve played more Diablo on my season 6 mage.  I was around level 40 after my last serious gaming session and over the last 5 or so days in short bursts I’ve managed to get to 70 and collect the first 4 parts of the free set. I have no decent legendary items at level 70 yet so am still struggling on Torment 1 or 2 for the most part.
Just last night I managed to get my Eve online characters updated and sorted out my buggy client. My trade character is slowly ramping back up with the buying and selling and my other characters now have more skills in the training queue. My accounts are so old now that I’m struggling to find untrained skills that will ever be useful, or that I can afford. I have level 5 mastery in pretty much all sub-capital ships and am now held back by the expensive skill books remaining. If I actually played the game more I’d be able to afford them!

Hopefully this evening’s game session is somewhere back to normal and I can progress decently in Elite Dangerous.

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