Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Elite Dangerous Session 9

Hello again. CMDR Maya Ulniian here.  Over the weekend I actually got the time to run quite a few sorties out to the RES. I started with an A rated “golden” Diamondback Scout and finished with an almost completely upgraded Vulture. My current limitations are not really money but the engineering capabilities of Haxel Port in LTT 15574. Some scenes from my recent trips should highlight the changes.

Balance at end of last report, as well as current balance. I’ve almost doubled wealth with only 154 more kills. High end ships make it a lot simpler.


A famous victim.  No idea what an imperial Baron was doing in a federal dropship!

A couple of combat shots. When taking out an anaconda you need to be up close!



The view of a flyby of a pair of moons not far from the ring system. These two moons are very close to each other and I believe landing is possible on both.


My new vulture speeds up money gathering significantly. Those large size weapons hit a lot harder than the small and medium on the Viper or Diamondback Scout making short work of any subsystems.  My original goal was to get 12 to 18 million to spend on an exploration ship but I’m considering pushing for a much better ship around the 50 million mark.  Grinding at the RES is probably the fastest way at least for the short term.
Back to the grind for now!
CMDR Maya Ulniian, 2nd May 3302

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