Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new Part 3.

My three little projects are going swimmingly so far.

On Dath, my bank alt invested somewhere between 500 and 700 gold on the auction house. A fair bit of that came back to me when I was outbid but I also won a lot of auctions really cheaply. Nearly all that stock was then re-listed for the peak weekend period. My mailbox was flooded with "Auction successful" messages with lots of clinky coinage attached. Not all auctions had sold or expired when I last checked. Still, a net gain of about 800g for a bit over an hour's trawling the AH is pretty fine going!

On Caelestrasz, my new Draeni hunter is busy collecting pet skills on teldrassil. He's got a few more mail messages with gold but I havent looked at them to see how much. I expect he will be at around 5g + bandit mask when I check him next. At some stage I have to check my horde guys there as well and move one to the neutral auction house ready to assist with cross faction transfers.

I have had one setback however, in that my auctioneer data files filled up with stuff from too many realms. I've had to turf away all data and will be rebuilding it for just the 4 main realms I'm currently playing. Other alts will have to manage without it! This isn't such a bad thing anyway, some of the Dath data in particular was corrupt and dodgy. Consider it spring cleaning!

My third little project got somewhat sidetracked, but the details on that can wait for another post. Tauren hunter and druid are both mostly done with Mulgore and are venturing out to the big wide world. Each had moderate success in the market place and have net worth about 10g each, with a bit more on the AH still to come. Things are looking up!

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