Friday, July 11, 2008

More Mercantile Madness

On VeCo, my bank alt has more than doubled his money and is now well over 50g. He's running a little low on stock though since my hunter hasn't been out and about gathering stuff and I don't yet know the market well enough to be heavily investing back into the market. I've made a few contacts with various people in /trade who may supply their unwanted "crap"... some of this can be turned into gold!

On Cael, my friends and I did a bit of cross faction trading. We bought a bunch of items available only to one faction and flipped them over to the other via the neutral AH. I have an alt permanently sat at Booty Bay for this now. So far, we turned a 1-g investment into about 40g, with more items still in stock. This was quite good, but not as good as we'd hoped.

On the solo front, my bank alt there has turned ~2g of investments into well over 50g without really trying much. Cael server is full of very low level characters so competition is fierce in the kind of stuff I'm shifting. Profits havent been as great as I would have hoped on lots of what my characters can farm.

Again, personal networks are shaping up. I have met a newbie tailor who will probably help my enchanter level up when I supply cloth to help their tailoring.

I am playing my Warlock there most as that realm's Main. He is now mining/enchanting since hes high enough now that greens are a regular drop. Mining still supplies a regular income but its merchandise and auctioneering that builds my funds mostly.

At the higher end, my banker on Dath has flipped another 500g or so of stock into 1200 or so in gold. One more week should build my funds sufficent to get Crypt his epic flyer as soon as he hits 70. I do farm a bit on this realm but most income still comes from playing the auctions.

There are some truely unethical sellers out there. I got burnt a bit a few weeks ago buying rune thread off the AH. I got it confused with one of the tailor only blue level items... instead, its a vendor supplied item, that nearly every tailoring and general goods vendor has in unlimited quantity. I did manage to re-list it and get most of my money back over time.
On one of the servers, some devious person is trying to sell vendor bought water for upwards of 6g each, when a 5-stack costs only about 20 copper. I got a small level of satisfaction by listing a bunch of single items at just under a g each.... and all of them were bought out by the "evil seller"to protect his inflated prices!

Market PvP... truely more ruthless than any BG!


KC said...

On VeCo, linen cloth and tough jerky tends to be listed ridiculously high because these are the usual items to sell on the neutral AH for bounties (i.e., you kill Impy and put up a screenshot, then put tough jerky up for 150g at a set time, and the Alliance person who put up the bounty buys it) and the gold sellers on the faction AHs. It's really bizarre.

If you have an alt at the neutral AH, check out small pet prices. There are lots of people who collect the small pets who will pay decent money for faction-only pets. Between 30 and 40 on Ideale, I did a round every day of the capitals and picked up small pets of colors that seemed popular for 45s each, then sold them at Booty Bay for 4-7g each, depending on the pet and demand that day. Certain pets and colors aren't worth it, but the silver and red dragonhawks and black snakes always went well. That entirely funded my first mount.

Cryptography said...

So far all my VeCo trading has been done on the horde only AH. In fact, neither of my guys had left TB since Ideale and Ahami met up with them last week.

I hadn't considered the bounties being a factor. I will have to watch out for them later on. More troubling could be gold seller markups on the horde market... because they will throw off the prices.

Hmm I wonder if there is some way I can exploit this? Gold selling is evil and I don't mind taking advantage of either buyer or seller in that transaction!

Don't buy gold folks. My posts on here are designed to show you that getting gold is ridiculously easy anyway. No need to risk your account being banned!

The small pet market is one of many that can be profitable. I have done much the same trades a MW commented above. More profit can be had though by arranging to sell through the neutral AH to a friend on the opposite faction. That friend then puts the items up for sale on their faction's AH, often for significantly more money.

On Cael, that is essentially what my friends and I have done... but with other items, not small pets. Being a PvE server though, co-ordination is a lot easier since we can have alts on both sides.

Over the last week, on three separate servers, I have spent maybe an hour and a half in total scanning the AH and posting items. The rest of my time has been spent out there questing. AH manipulation is quick and easy money!