Thursday, July 3, 2008

Losing one's Cool factor.

So, there I was on my freshly rolled gnome warlock doing the newbie quests. A rather rude gentleman thought I was stealing his kills and told me to "Pee off!". At first I didn't even notice, since I was busy clearing trash mobs out of the way so I could get to the ones I needed. When I checked my chat log however I saw the little note. I went back and confronted the little dweeb about this and his only response was even ruder.

What can one do about tactless little shits on a PvE realm? Not a lot really. You can /ignore them. You can retaliate in kind with pointless verbal abuse. You can tag every mob in the area so they get no kills. You can attempt to drag a train of mobs into conflict with them so they die..... or you can note that they have their /pvp flag set on at level 5!

I shamefully admit to trying all of the above, mostly without success. Mr stunted personality seems to have a fairly thick skin to go alongside his thick skull.

But Wait! I have higher level horde characters not too far away and bonehead is flagged. Hmm.

Log out, log in as my horde hunter. She's stationed at Undercity, not too far away from the dwarf lands.... except I hadnt yet picked up the flightpoints on the way. Ah well, I'll walk and get them on the way.
Sephulchure, check.
Taren Mill, check.
Hammerfall, check. Of course, mobs in Arathi are much tougher than my poor hunter, especially the elites! Naked travel makes this a little less expensive than otherwise.

Travel through the wetlands was mostly uneventful. I was joined along the way by a similar level mage from my horde guild. We got past the first dwarf guard in the tunnels, but the second one got us both. On resurection, we were joined by a mid-30's orc hunter. He could handle the level 30 guards without much trouble! We ran through the remaining sections of tunnel and on into Dun Morogh past the guards. Track humanoids helped us avoid the majority of trouble on the way south of Khanoros and into the newbie zone.

The main gate to the newbie zone is guarded by 4 level 65 guards. They can and will aggro on a low level horde from quite a way inside the tunnel. Death by guard swiftly follows! One death is usually enough to get past them however. On into newbie territory we go!

I came here looking to find one particular idiot. Despite a long search, both in the newbie area and the obvious places near Khanoros, I failed to find him. We did however find a couple of other newbies who were foolishly flagged. These were promptly munched on by the Orc's pet.

The newbie area soon lost any attraction so we ran back past the guards (dying again) and on to khanoros. We pointlessly killed several of the quest mobs.. the ones not protected by more level 65 guards that is! Most of the newbies in this area were smart enough not to put their pvp flag on so we were just mucking about killing mobs mostly. One lucky level 9 warlock took out my fellow guildmate when he was weakend by resurection sickness. He then died several times at the Orc's hands. I dont think I got a single kill, and no trace was found of my boneheaded "victim", despite me logging back on the gnome and having a quick scout around!

A completely wasted hour that could have been better spent with a quick /ignore and getting on with the job! I still had fun though so I guess it was worth it!


KC said...

Oh my goodness, if you could roll both factions on a PVP server, 90 percent of my time on Laughing Skull would have been spent doing this.

Cryptography said...

I'm fairly sure that's why Bliz doesn't allow both factions on PvP servers.

Being ganked does tend to get ones blood temperature up. There would be more verbal abuse that what occurs currently.

Anyway, I've left my guy at Hammerfall while I work on my warlock, so if I see Mr Bonehead again he might have to keep looking over his shoulder!

KC said...

Oh, it wouldn't be the gankings. I don't mind them, since PVP happens on PVP servers and all.

But I cannot count the number of times I have been fighting on top of a node or a quest objective only to have another Alliance member rush in and steal it before I finished. I HATE that. I would have LOVED to have a higher-level Horde alt parked nearby to nail those you-know-whats. (And vice versa, as I doubt that behavior is confined to the Alliance.)

Cryptography said...

No, its not confined to alliance. It does seem that there are a higher proportion of idjits on alliance side though.

Just yesterday, on the same warlock, I offered to help another slightly lower warlock do a quest. I had just finished it myself solo but this guy was still having trouble.

Anyway, after travelling nearly the whole way across zone to meet up, he logs out after aggroing 3-4 mobs at once. They ate his pet, eventually ate mine, but the two of us were fine... and he just logs out without any explanation!

He's been added to my friends list so I remember him for later!