Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Selected Viewings

Somewhere, off the chain of blogs and their reading lists, I followed a link to some of the warcraft machinima videos on youtube. I watched that one, then several more, then heaps of them. There are a wide variety of quality and styles amongst them.
Here are just some of the ones I liked.

First, some Weird Al songs done with warcraft scenes:

Amish Paradise

Ugly Girl

Then some of Nyhm's works:

Hard Like Heroic

Ni Hao (A Gold Farmers Story)

Just Loot It!

Nyhm has several others, look for more by phrog801.

One of his regular collaborators is "Summergale", the female vocalist in many of Nhym's movies. A very popular work is:


Ulduar was a collaboration between Summergale and Cranius on vocals, and machinima creation by Legs. Also worth a look are LegsMachinima's other movies.

Cranius has put out a few of his own vids. A few use other people's music, some are his own creations. These are some of the best:

Big Blue Dress



The Lament of Captain Placeholder

Probably the most technically polished of the vids is Percula's

The Craft of War: Blind

This is more of a movie than a music video like most of the others. "Blind" has generated nearly 5000 comments on youtube so is obviously very popular.

There are heaps more out there. A fair few are basically raw in-game footage, but others are well crafted stories or videos like the ones I've linked here.

What are some of your favourites?

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MW said...

There was actually a pretty bizarre/awesome one called ... "Route 440"? I think? That I found when I was watching some of the ones you linked me to the other night. It was pretty intriguing.