Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stupid Mistakes

You might have noticed that I've not posted in a while. Real Life has severely hampered my game and blogging time recently. Things are still madly busy but at least I get to log in again now.

My last post here was about missing the target of getting my epic flyer within a month. Well, just after that post I re-invested about half my net worth back into the auction house. Then I got side-swiped by real life and didn't visit my VeCo characters for ages.... so long in fact that about 2,500g of auction materials and sales messages have expired from my banker's mailbox!


(The mail hasn't just expired from the auction house, its also expired from my mailbox, so is gone completely. About 2500g gone forever just because RL snuck up on me!)

Ah well. I've already started rebuilding funds but of course it will take some time to fully recover.


KC said...

Yikes! That's not good.

I finally took your advice about the enchanting materials the other day, though, and got some crazy gold off of it. I will totally have to do that more in the future!

Anonymous said...

Now is a prime time to put all that stuff back up though - especially glyphs if you're in that market at all. EVERYONE is having to refocus their armor, glyphs and ideals since patch 3.1 hit. It's a great time for hitting up the auction house :)

Cryptography said...

I am a regular player on 4 factions' markets:

VeCo horde, where I am mostly concentrated in reselling low-mid level enchanting materials. This is where I lost the money due to not logging in!

Cael Horde, where I'm semi-regularly doing enchanting as well as selling the gathered materials from questing.

Cael Alliance, where recently its been almost exclusively DK farmed and auction-purchased enchanting materials.

Dath'Remar Horde. Here I dabble in many areas. The primary money earner is enchanting materials. I also do some herbalism/alchemy/inscription trading as a side benefit of levelling those skills.
I also constantly gather various materials while questing and the bank alt responsible for these currently has the largest bank balance. Roughly 50% of my time on Dath is on my main, who is a 450 skill skinner. I skin every kill I can and often stop to skin other's leavings so there is a LOT of materials being sold. I also tend to kill humanoids where possible so there is a lot of cloth sold as well.

Since I don't have any particular money goals at the moment I am not logging in to any server specifically to trade. This is much less often than it was during March where VeCo and Cael-Alliance were visited every 2-3 days.

Time to go visit all of them tonight I think!