Monday, October 18, 2010

not quite dead

Obviously I haven't updated this recently. That doesn't mean I've stopped playing WoW or even contemplating updating this place though. The release of the pre-Cata 4.01 patch is probably the most recent event for me - I should get back and revise my hunter pet information since a whole lot of changes have been made.

The other thing I've been doing in game has been Recruit-a-Friend and now dual-boxing. I now get to be a poor-ish player on two toons instead of one - but I'm having a blast doing so!

If anyone wants to chase me down I'm most often on Dath'Remar, Moon Guard, or Nessingwary servers.

I'm also still playing AION whenever the mood strikes me and have maintained my Eve accounts.

More updates "soon".

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