Thursday, February 4, 2010

Musings on morality

This post is a part of my preliminary thinking for the backgrounds of my newest roleplay characters. A long term friend and officer on my Dath'Remar guild has convinced me to join his roleplay guild over on Moon Guard, so I've erased several alts on unused servers and created:

Cryptbred, a gnome male Deathknight,

Satrith, a gnome female Warlock,

Helacea, a draenei female Hunter.

Don't worry about their gear or levels; I've barely started working on any of that.

The guild The Tainted Legion has several members with well developed RP that I'm only starting to get my head around. The legion itself is pro-Alliance, but more willing to "do what must be done". It has a high number of deathknights and warlocks in its ranks, as well as disillusioned or fallen paladins. I had chosen my characters based most on what I enjoy playing rather than what would fit the guild but it looks like they will fit in easily. It will be a challenge to create distinct personalities for each that don't rely on too many clich├ęs.

Concepts of good and evil, honour, loyalty, duty, pride, regret, remorse, vengeance and others are all things to think about. Warlocks and deathknights use powers that are viewed as evil by most. Some warlocks are described as mages that were lured to the "dark" side by easy power. Deathknights were once significant heroes of their faction that fell in battles against the scrounge and were raised as minions of Arthas. Though now supposedly free-willed, their skills and powers are definitely of darker aspect. It would be fairly far-fetched to portray either class as a do-gooder. The best most can do is to minimise the harm done.

Cryptbred and Satrith are both gnomes, sometimes described as lacking understanding of good or evil. Most gnomes are not deliberately harmful to others but can be blindly focussed on their goals and cause destruction as a side effect of seeking what they want. In Crypt's case, hes been recently freed of evil control and is likely still seriously confused.

I will continue posting later but will publish as is to spur further ideas. feel free to comment!

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