Monday, November 17, 2008

Wrath of the impatient player

Its YOUR fault. Yes, you over there. You and your 1500 mates ahead of me in the queue. I cant play on my main realm, nor my secondary realm. All those Death Knights are spoiling my fun.

Ah well.
Luckily, I play on several realms, some of which are in the US time zones as well as the oceanic ones. There is no way I'm waiting through an hour long queue when my playtime is at best 2 hours. I have lowbie hunters and druids with lots of rested exp to use up, and some decent funds to invest in the market.

So that's what I've been doing since wrath hit the servers. VeCo at 4am server time is without a queue. There are 15000+ items on the auction house and my enchanter alt is currently maxed at 225 skill. That is a fair amount of enchanting materials available. I invested about 200g in bids and buyouts on green items, disenchanted the lot and put the resulting materials up on the market. Nearly all of that stock sold first time through and I've re-invested the money into more raw materials. I will continue to reinvest into enchanting materials for a while yet. I am also aiming to get my hunter/enchanter to level 35 fairly quickly to improve his disenchanting abilities. If I am fast enough, that will enable me to capitalise on the crop of deathknights needing level 60+ enchantments.

I've been online enough to have seen several realm-first level 80 achievements, as well as those maxing various profession skills. I would expect that nearly all realm-firsts for classess will be done by the next weekend at the latest.

My hunter is going reasonably well. I've grabbed a bear pet for him to level up with and also to evaluate some of the criticisms people have had with swipe. Mania on her maniasarcania blog has asked for comments on bears performance. Bears are single target tanks with some AoE ability to help control adds. They are not really suitable for true AoE and volley pulls. This is reflected in the comments on the thread. The main difficulty is positioning the mobs all in the front aspect so the swipe can hit all of them. Volley is only available at level 40 and above so switching to a gorilla or croc then would make sense.


KC said...

I have yet to see a queue on VeCo no matter what time I sign on. <3 VeCo.

If you need armor or weapon vellums to sell enchants through the AH, let me know. I have a ton of them sitting around unused.

Cryptography said...

I havent actually used vellums at all yet. I'd love to get a few to try out, so yes please, mail me a few! You can request any 225 or less enchants and I'll mail them back too.

Thanks heaps!