Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The adventure continues...

Not a lot to say this time. I'm getting back into wow, mostly playing my "Main" on Dath, pushing slowly to level 70. I'm at 68 and a third or so now. Tuesday shutdown (last night my time) was annoying, I ended up playing an alt on 2moons instead.

Tonight I might meet up with a guildmate and run through RFC on one of my lower level alts.

We had an interesting bug occur with our guild bank the other day. I went on holidays and transferred guild leadership over to my friend for the duration. When she transferred it back, all the items in the guild bank "vanished". The armory logs didn't show any withdrawals and we had no idea who "stole" our stuff so I petitioned it. The first gamesmaster to talk to me tried the standard Blizzard line of "its a UI issue", but since it was affecting everyone in the guild the same it couldn't possibly be MY UI causing the problem! Eventually the petition was escalated to 2nd level support and they have reset our bank. All our gear is there again, Yay.

This is not the first guild related bug we have come across. We hit 500 members for a period a couple of months back. The guild listing can only contain 500 names but you can still add more members. This shouldn't be a problem, since we rarely have more than 25-30 people online at any time and that is a long way below the 500 limit. However, we found that above 500 members total, new members would not show up at all, in online or offline listings. This made keeping track of members more difficult, especially as our lowest rank has no speech powers!

I spoke to several GM's on this issue but there was no resolution. They suggested posting on the official forums where similar issues have apparently occurred... but I couldnt find an appropriate place in the few minutes I spent looking! We have purged inactive members and are now keeping below 500 simply because its more difficult to manage when we go over that number.

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