Sunday, December 31, 2017


when i think of games that changed my time on mmorpgs i think of games like wow or Guild wars 2 but can we go back to the point when games took us too a different world. we all know that mmo's changed our lifes but can we come up with a game  it bring us back too that day when we couldnt stop playing. have we lost that type of gameplay where everything is the same and the world of the Mmo is boring plz come too your Mmo fourms talk about the game make it something worthy in your life there are some mmo's coming out in 2018 lets pray that they bring a new story and some thing in the combat. (soz that i havnt posted anything for awhile just been tho some stuff) but my friends in the Forum plz keep asking the hard questions talk on this website and bring other that are bored of there mmo's and i hope you have a good day

Yours Greatfully


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